The 13th season of IPL was one of the most engaging seasons of all time, with plenty of records by almost every team. The IPL 2020 season was sponsored by the dream 11 sports betting platform; the title of sponsors was bought in nearly 222 crores and which is a remarkable amount. The season-opening was scheduled for 18 September 18, 2020; the date was pretty unusual as the other seasons took place in April.

There was eight franchise that took part in the IPL 2020, and almost every team held some records in the session. Below is a complete breakdown of the IPL 2020; if you missed it, keep your aside, and let’s jump straight to the SWOT analysis.

Venue and schedule of IPL 2020

The IPL was held in the United Arab Emirates on 18 September 2020. The date might sound unfamiliar as the previous seasons of the IPL were scheduled in the April month only. The IPL was previously planned in the march, but it was postponed for some prominent reason. The BCCI took some crucial steps to host the IPL schedule in the other country. Sri Lanka also offered to host the IPL in its county but could not host the tournament.

Impacts of Covid-19 on the tournament

The only primary reason why IPL 2020 was delayed is COVID-19. The pandemic has had severe impacts on almost every country aspect. The pandemic leads to a tight lockdown around the globe which was the prominent reason that why IPL Live was not scheduled during April and March month. BCCI took plenty of precautions to keep players secure from the virus. Almost ten crores were spent in just covid-19 tests during the session. 20,000 covid-19 tests were conducted throughout the whole tournament.

Almost 10 Chennai Super Kings were tested positive even before the tournament initiation. Because covid-19 is a deadly virus, Mumbai Indians played smart there. A heartbeat tracking ring was provided to each team player, so if there is any symptom of Covid-19 in any of the players, they can take appropriate measures to cure the disease.

Unbelievable records by almost every franchise in the season

Royal Challengers Bangalore

The irony with the team is that the highest score of the IPL and the lowest score in the entire history of IPL was scored by this team only. The pattern was spotted again in session 2020. The team scored great against the sunrises Hyderabad. In the next consecutive match, the group performed miserably against the team Kings IX Punjab.

Chennai Super kings

The team is known for its consistent performance as it qualified for every playoff of every session they were part of. The team failed miserably in session 2020 to qualify even for the playoffs. The team was in the seventh position in the overall points table of IPL 2020. The team was missing. The most experienced players of the group were Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh. The thallaivas struggled hard in the season to win matches.

Kings IX Punjab

Owned by the pretty zienta and few other participants, the team is one of the most favorite teams among another team. However, the team faced many issues with the captaincy, starting from Yuvraj Singh to KL Rahul. The team has changed captains in almost every season. 11 captains were altered in the whole career of the franchise. However, KL Rahul’s performance as a skipper and captain has been exceptionally well, and the predictions are KL Rahul will be the captain of the group in the upcoming season.

Mumbai Indians

The record set by this team is pretty evident as it has won the most number of IPL titles in the entire IPL history. Out of 13 seasons, they have won 5 times which is a remarkable number, the current captain is Rohit Sharma, who is in great form, and the team’s expectations are immense.

Rajasthan Royals

The Jaipur-based franchise has mastered the skill of run-chase and has many records in the successful run chase. The team chased 223 runs against Kings IX Punjab by scoring 224 runs which six wickets. Sanju Samson, the player who performed consistently in the tournament, did some wonders in this match.


Four teams that reached the playoffs of the IPL 2020 schedule were Royal Challengers Bangalore, Mumbai Indians, Delhi Capitals, and Sunrises Hyderabad. The first qualifying team always has two chances to reach the finals. The first qualifier was played between the Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians, and the Mumbai-based franchise won the match.

The eliminator round was played between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrises Hyderabad, which was won by the team SRH, which autonomously narrates the second qualifier. It was played between SRH and DC, which was won by the team Delhi Capitals.

Finals of the Indian premier league 2020

The finals of the tournament were one of the notable matches. The competition was neck to neck throughout the game. The finals were played between two franchises who ruled the points table throughout the game. The showdown between Mumbai Indians captained by Rohit Sharma and Delhi Capitals headed by Shreyas Lyer has left millions of people biting their nails. The Mumbai Indians won the fifth IPL title by performing a successful run chase 156 runs by scoring 157 runs without five wickets down. The team still had eight balls left in the wallet.

The final ranking of the teams according to the points table of IPL 2020

The IPL Points Table:

1.     Mumbai Indians

2.     Delhi Capitals

3.     Sun Risers Hyderabad

4.     Royal Challengers Bangalore

5.     Kolkata Knight Riders

6.     Punjab Kings

7.     Chennai Super Kings

8. Rajasthan Royals

In a nutshell

Lastly, the Indian premier league was an enjoyable tournament and rendered goosebumps to the fans in every match. The session was scheduled in September in the United Arab Emirates; tons of precautions were performed due to the ongoing pandemic. The title at the end was grabbed by a fan-favorite Mumbai-based franchise that is Mumbai Indians, and by winning the trophy, the team has set records of holding the highest number of IPL trophies.