Tournament format for IPL 2021

In this article, we are going to tell you about the Indian Premier League 2021 tournament
format. Also, we will tell you about what is IPL and also what it is, the history of IPL, and the
player selection process.

What are IPL and its selection process for players?

IPL is known as the Indian Premier League, which was launched in the year 2007 by BCCI. IPL
is an Indian-made premier league but is famous, and also many players come from the different
country also. IPL can be viewed not only in India but in any other country you want to. There is
a total of 262 players, out of which 165 are Indians, 126 are foreign players, and three from

They have done this system because they want to promote cricket all over the world. They invite
new or cadet players as well as old and skilled players. Recently Arjun Tendulkar, who is the son
of Sachin Tendulkar, joined the Mumbai Indians. He was trained and also launched by his father
in the state championship without recognition.

After he had been selected in the IPL team, he announced that Arjun was his son. He did not
want his son to be selected due to his father’s name but for his playing skills. The selection
process of the player is done in the form of an auction or bidding. Where the different teams’
ambassadors, coaches, managers are present, and they bid for the players.

In the bidding system, a player will be displayed on the screen, and people will have to bid a
certain amount. There is something called a base price and final prize in the auction system. The
base price is the one in which the bidding starts, and the final price is the one where the player is
sold. There is the 13th season of IPL completed, and in 2021 it is going to be the 14th season
with bidding. From the start, IPL has been coming with the bidding system for all its players.

What is the history of IPL?

History of IPL

IPL was first named as Indian Cricket League (ICL) in 2007, and later when BCCI approved it,
they changed their name. It then became the IPL which is still being used as the title name. To prevent people from joining the ICL board, they increased the rewards on state matches by BCCI.

They did this to fight against their rival that is ICL or now called the IPL. Then later, when it got
approved by BCCI, they worked together and changed its name to IPL. This was done so that the
ICL and the BCCI are both happy and are collaborating perfectly.

What is the tournament format of IPL?

Each team will play two-match before each team, and those selected will be sent to the playoffs.
That is, a team will have to 4 matches before the playoffs, and then in a playoff, there are only
eight teams. Only four teams will be selected from the playoff and sent to play the semifinals.
Two teams will face off in the finals for the ultimate prize that is the trophy and title.