Top 5 incidents in 2020 that have an impact on IPL 2021

In this article, we are going to tell you about IPL 2021 fresh news about how incidents in 2020
will affect IPL 2021. Also, we will discuss the purpose of creating IPL for Indian and
international viewers is.

What is IPL?

IPL is a cricket game that is usually played in the offseason of the international tournament. This
is like early training for all the players as they get to interact with each other. IPL is also known
as the Indian Premier League as there are teams that have the name of several states in India.

There are not only Indians playing these matches, but there are also foreign players. IPL was
built for the entertainment of the people when the world tournament was not running. This was
done so that the cricket fans can get something to see in the spare time till the international series

IPL was first called the Indian Cricket League (ICL), but later it was changed to IPL in the year
2007. IPL is a game that follows all the rules of T20 cricket, and there are no other changes.

What is the purpose of keeping IPL?

IPL was thought by the lower tournament group to keep where people can come and play. But
this idea was good, and BCCI told them that they would launch this on the YV for people to
watch. So they partnered up with Sony Network limited so that they can stream the match on
TV. This was also created solely for the entertainment of cricket fans.

But the BCCI thought it was a good idea to take Indian and international players, and they can
play together. In this way, they all can help each other to train and also try to win the
championship title. The purpose was just for entertainment and training, but the people liked it
too much. So the BCCI decided that they are going to keep IPL as a tournament in India.

What are the incidents that happened in IPL 2020?

The below listed are the incidents that took place in IPL 2020 and have effects on IPL 2021.

Chennai Super Kings dismal form

The IPL2020 was a nightmare for CSK as they did not play well and lost 8 out of 14 matches.
They did not even make it to the playoffs that year, and then MS Dhoni decided to bring new
players to their team.

Umpiring errors

In IPL2020, there was an incident where the umpire called a short run which led to Kings XI
Punjab losing the playoff. After which meeting was called and they decided to use more
technology to make the decision.

Absence of fans

IPL2020 took place in UAE, but there were no fans, and the stadium was quiet, and no fans were
cheering for players.

Gayle left in the first half

KXIP removed their main player from the first half that is Chris Gayle, and they lost 6 out of 7
matches without Gayle.