IPL 2021 launch date

In this article, we are going to discuss when IPL 2021 is decided to be started and played. Also,
we are going to talk about the different broadcasting partners that IPL had in the past.

What is the history of IPL?

According to the information given by sources of IPL2021 fresh news, there is a long history
behind IPL. IPL was first called as Indian Cricket League (ICL) and was just a national
tournament. While after BCCI saw the rise in the number of players and directors in IPL, they
started to launch it as an Indian league.

The then changed its name to the Indian Premier League (IPL), and there were many players and
fans at that time. That is because IPL had the most famous and renowned players of all time in
different teams. Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, and more legendary players were in this
tournament. IPL, or earlier called ICL, was originally founded and launched in the year 2007.
But it got recognition and started operating in the year 2008 with the collaboration of BCCI.

BCCI helped the IPL to organize matches and tournaments in the stadium in different states. This
created many fans of the game in about a week of its launch. After the people knew there are
legendary players in this league, they started rushing to watch these matches.

What is the ambassador of teams in IPL?

IPL is just like any other tournament but is played in India only except in the year 2020. It
contains those players who are legends, and most of them who do not play anymore are coaches.
The IPL teams of different states are owned by their brand ambassadors.

KKR is owned by Shah Rukh Khan, and KXIP is owned by Pretty Zinta. There are different
kinds of famous personalities in India who own their team. They technically do not own them
but are ambassadors of the team.

Ambassadors are those people who just put their name in the team as they are used for fame and
name. But this is not the case in KKR as it is completely owned by Shah Rukh Khan and is also the ambassador. Shah Rukh Khan is known to be the richest person who owns his own IPL team
and many houses.

When is the tournament of IPL 2021 held?

The BCCI has decided that they will start IPL 2021 from the 9th of April. Which is exactly nine
days after the completion of India’s England tour. BCCI also revealed that the last match of
England ODI would be held on the 28th of March in Pune.

The duration of this league has to be decided to keep in mind the international matches also.
They have decided to keep the format and everything the same except the locations. They will
play different matches at several locations in India and finals in Gujarat.

They have also decided that if there are fewer cases on Covid 19, they might allow some public
in. The decision is yet pending from the government to bring the public in the stadium to watch.