IPL 2021 delay

In this article, we are going to talk about why IPL 2021 will be delayed in India by IPL2021
fresh news. Also, we will talk about the new team’s decision which is taken by the BCCI and
AGM together.

Which are the new teams to be made?

IPL is a game where there are many teams and also player but the talk are going to make a new
team. By looking at all the facts and figures, we can say that if the BCCI and AGM agree on this
decision. It is almost certain that Ahmedabad will be entering the IPL due to the making of the
new Narendra Modi stadium.

There has been floating information that there have been two petitions for making new teams.
That is, some people want to make two new teams in IPL 2021. This appeal had come to the
AGM on 24th December while they had kept a meeting. The decision of the AGM on that matter
is being discussed probably with BCCI.

One thing is sure from the information that sooner or later, Ahmedabad is going to be in IPL.
Also, they are planning to introduce new states to the IPL and introduce more players in IPL.
The BCCI has not yet taken any decision, and if they postpone, surely, Ahmedabad is on priority.

What is the history of IPL?

IPL is a tournament that is held in India only, and the teams are of the states of India. But in the
year 2020, IPL took place in Dubai, where no audience was allowed, only teams and players.
This was due to the widespread of the virus called Covid 19, which was rising in the world.

Due to the Covid 19 many international cricketers could not come from outside as travels are
banned. This means that you cannot even travel from one place to another. IPL was created in
September of 2007 and was called as Indian Cricket League (ICL). When ICL collaborated with
BCCI, they kept its name as Indian Premier League (IPL).

They wanted IPL to be a game that would attract a lot of attention and players from a different
country. This was a kind of warm-up for the international tournament and other cricket games.

Why will IPL be delayed?

The BCCI has announced that the test series is conducted till 8th March. Then after it finishes,
they are going to start the T20 series, which is from 12th March to 20th Match. The decision is
yet pending whether they want to postpone IPL 2021 by two weeks or even a month. But after
the T20 series, there is a match between India and England which is a series.

This will start on 24th March, and it will end on 28th March. BCCI is doing this because the
player will need some rest after such a hectic program of events and matches. BCCI is thinking
of shifting the IPL to 10th April or even later for the resting of the players.