Where can you watch live IPL matches in your home?

In this article, we are going to discuss where a person can watch the Indian Premier League
live match. Also, we will discuss what are the different awards at the end of the IPL matches.

What are the different awards in IPL matches?

What are the different awards in IPL matches?

In IPL, the best player is awarded a trophy according to how they have played the match. The
awards are also given to those players after the match when they are interviewing the players.
IPL has made this a thing as they want to encourage more players to train and perform well.
Also, they have made a wall of honour where they keep records and photos of players who have
won an award.

The wall is filled with photos of the people who are award winners from the year 2008. That is,
they created these awards and launched them from the second season of IPL. Here is the list of
different awards which are given to players in IPL.

Orange Cap

The Orange Cap is awarded to that person who is the best scorer of the match. This means that
the player who scores the highest run will win this award.

Purple Cap

Purple Cap is awarded to that player who has taken the highest amount of wickets. This is
awarded to that bowler who has taken the highest amount of wicket.

Maximum six award

The maximum sixes awards are given to the batsman who has the highest number of sixes scored
in a match.

Most valuable player

This title was first called the man of the match till the year 2012 when they changed its name.
They made it the most valuable player because they had helped out their team to win the match.

Player of the match

This is an award that is given at the finals of the IPL to the best player in the whole team.

Emerging player of the year

This is an award that was originally named as the youngest sensation of the match. Later it was
an emerging player of the year and is given to those who are new to IPL and cricket matches.

Where can you watch IPL live?

The IPL broadcasting contract is signed between Sony Picture Network and World sports group.
They made this contract for ten years, that is till 2018, for showing it to all the cricket fans. This
got so much attention that after the contract expired, they renewed it and partnered again.

In India, you can watch the IPL match live on the TV on Sony Sports, Sony Ten 1, sony ten 6,
etc. Whichever team will win the money will be divided that is 20% to IPL and 8% to the prize
pool, and the rest 72% to franchises. In India, you can view it in any language that you want
without any trouble.

That is because Sony has a translator ready to speak for the public to understand in the language
that they want. Recently the company Disney+Hotsar also started streaming IPL matches lives
for people to see on phones.