IPL 2021 Odds: Betting Odds for Different IPL Teams

The IPL season is going to arrive in just a few days, and the odds are here.

When it comes to IPL betting, you need to take take the odds very seriously. Every
IPL season, the teams get different odds depending on the winning potential.

The team which is more likely to win will have fewer odds. The team will is less
likely to win will have higher odds. It helps the bookmakers to balance the bets.

If you want to know more about IPL 2021 odds, follow this guide. We will provide
you with all the information about the current IPL odds.

What is IPL?

IPL = Indian Premier League. It is a cricket tournament where teams compete with
each other to win the game.

This year, there are eight teams who are going to compete. As IPL is an India-based
tournament, the names of the teams are as per the Indian States.

However, there are international as well as domestic players in different teams.
Cricket players from all around the world participate in this tournament.

Team owners have to select the players in auctions. The first IPL match will take
place on 9th April 2021. The match is between Mumbai and Bangalore.

IPL 2021 Odds:

Now that you know what IPL is, you need to learn about the odds. Odds are nothing
but rates. It shows how much money you are going to win. You need to check the
betting odds before you place your bet. Here are the 2021 betting odds for different
IPL teams.

Mumbai Indian: (5.00)

Mumbai Indian

It is the most popular IPL team. This year, Mumbai Indians is the favourite IPL team.
They are the winners of the 2020 IPL seasons. Apart from that, they have won nearly
5 IPL seasons which is the highest record. This year MI have 5.00 betting odds.

Chennai Super Kings: (7.00)

Chennai Super Kings

CSK is the audience’s favourite IPL team. This team is led by none other than former
Indian Captain Dhoni. This is the only team that can give tough competition to MI.
They have won 3 IPL seasons. This year, Suresh Raina is going to be there, so CKS
has the advantage. They have 7.00 betting odds.

Delhi Capitals: (5.50)

Delhi Capitals

This team has not yet won any IPL seasons, but they definitely have the potential.
After MI, they are most favoured. During the 2020 IPL season, they were the runner
up. It clearly shows that DC can win the 2021 IPL. This year, they have 5.50 odds.

Sunrisers Hyderabad: (7.00)

Sunrisers Hyderabad

This is another decent IPL team. This team has won IPL in their first season. There
are many good players in this team. They have David Warner, who is known for their
amazing run rate. They have the same odds as CKS, i.e. 7.00.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: (6.00)

Royal Challengers Bangalore

It is one of the favourite IPL team as Indian Captain Virat Kohli leads the team. They
have not yet won any IPL seasons, but this year can change the game. They have 6.00

Kolkata Knight Riders: (7.50)

Kolkata Knight Riders

This team has won 2 IPL seasons, so they have the potential to win this year as well.
2020 was not a good year for the team, but they have made many changes that can
help them win. They have 7.50 odds.

Kings XI Punjab: (10.00)

Kings XI Punjab

This team have the highest odds this year. They have not won any IPL season.
However, if they do good, you can make good money as the odds are high.