BCCI major decisions about IPL

In this article, we are going to tell you about the major decision which BCCI is going to take
about IPL. Also, we are going to tell you about how are the players in IPL teams selected before
the match.

How are players of the team selected before IPL?

This is the IPL2021 fresh news that players are first decided by the board and the teams before
the match. It is a true statement as the team managers, coach, and ambassador all come together
to decide which player they want. This is decided in the way by auction and bidding, which is an
old but effective method.

In this system, the auctioneer or the bidder will tell the name of the player and show his stats on
the screen. After which, the team managers and ambassadors are allowed to bid on the player
which they want. This is a common technique which is used from the early days and is still being
used. There are two things in the bidding or the auction method.

One is called the base price of the player from which the bidding will start. The other one is
called the selling price, in which the player is sold to a team. Usually, the sale price of the player
is high than the base price of the player. But after the bidding, the BCCI will contact the player
and tell them about which team has taken them.

After that one day, all teams will call their player to check and then arrange the order of players.
This helps them to see which player is there in their team and how can they use them for better

What is the major decision to be taken by BCCI?

The BCCI is about to make some major decisions in the problems and petitions and what are

In AGM, they will decide to increase teams or not

They are going to decide on the topic of whether they want to increase teams or not. This is a
new request which is made by the members of BCCI and other people also. If they increase the
number of teams, they need to introduce two teams and change the timetable. This will include
more matches and more players in each team.

The new governing body for IPL 2021

IPL chairman and the Khairul Jamal Majumdar are two people who have been included again in
the IPL body. There is news going that all the old people will be shifted to BCCI except for a
few.They are deciding to include new members to the IPL committee who will make the

Will IPL be held in India

The BCCI has yet to decide whether they want to conduct the 2021 IPL here in India or
not.Because the last IPL they had conducted in Dubai due to Covid situations in India.The
decision of the BCCI will be out in a few weeks if they have decided on their official website.