Kuldeep Yadav is one of the most effective spinners in the Indian cricket team. His bowling style is unorthodox spin. He was born on December 14, 1994, in Kanpur Uttar Pradesh. He started his cricket career as a bowler in IPL in the year 2012. That time he was playing from the Mumbai Indian side. Then in 2014, he was purchased by KKR, and from 2014 to the present, he is with the KKR team. Along with this, he is also playing for the domestic cricket team of Uttar Pradesh and has been there since 2014. 

ODI stats

Kuldeep Yadav domestic cricket

He started playing the ODI in June 2017. He made his debut against the West Indies team. So far his performance in ODI cricket was good enough. He played a total of 59 matches so far and in those matches, he has taken 102 wickets. Though he has taken a good number of wickets, his average is not so impressive as in taking all those 102 wickets he spent the run with an average of 13.92 runs per over which can not be said good enough for any spinner. In ODI he has taken 5 wickets to haul one time too. 

Test stats

Even in test matches, he has shown his good bowling so far. So far he has taken a total of 6 matches and in all these 6 matches he has taken 36 wickets. He made his first Test match debuts in the same year that is in the year 2017 but in March. His first opponent team in the test match was the Mighty Australian team. Here also bowling average in terms of spending runs was not good but was better than his average in ODI matches. In cricket, his bowling average was about 8.50 runs per over so far.

IPL 2020

IPL 2020 has not been good for him so far. Total 3 matches he has played so far from the side of KKR. In these 3 matches, he has taken just one wicket which can not be said well from any angle. During these three matches, his run expenditure average was also near about 9 runs per over which is also not so good. Fans of him are still waiting for his best performance in IPL 2020. 

Special facts 

There are some very amazing facts about Kuldeep Yadav which every fan needs to know. Actually in starting Kuldeep was not a spin bowler but a fast bowler. Then how he turned towards spin bowling and why?  It all happened due to his coach and his ill-suited body build for fast bowling. His coach advised him that his build would be better for spin bowling rather than fast bowling. He accepted this and today he knows that he chose the right option in cricket. At present, he is the just second Indian bowler who has taken the five-wicket haul in international cricket. In international cricket, he is there to this position just after Imraan Tahir and Ajantha Mendis.